Single Mom Running

A proclamation!

I’m getting back at it!   After fully recovering from my little abdominal surgery/vacation(because I did have to recover from vacation), I’m ready to get back out there.  I had taken a hiatus from running, a combination of Brady getting too big to push and losing my running partner.  The boy weighs close to 40 lbs, and the stroller 25.  Phew! It was really hard for me to admit that my little love wouldn’t be coming with me each day to cheer me on, and I lost some motivation.  After work I rush to get to him, and I hated the idea of leaving him at school so I could run. I stuck mostly to swimming and biking, and simply just wasn’t working out as much as I used to.

But I’m ready to get back out there, and you’re going to follow me! I like to stay accountable, and if I know I’m going to update you on my training, I’m more likely to stay motivated!


Triathlon Completion!