Hatch is a tale of a friendship between Jess and Abby.  This blog is merely the middle chapters.  We spent our college years in close geographical proximity, and 10 years later although the miles between us have increased, our desire to share our daily lives with one another has only grown…enjoy tagging along as we share the journey of our hatching families with one other and you!

Abby and her husband live in the metro Boston area, and are the smitten parents to a new bambino, Elsie!  Abby is a critical care nurse, working full time, but still finds time to enjoy the art of homemaking.  She gets giddy experimenting with new, healthy recipes and sometimes surprises herself by actually completing one of the many crafty projects she has started. She is self-admittedly mediocre at keeping a tidy house, has only a little flair for interior design, but would still rather be home than anywhere else!

Jessica is currently living in Philadelphia, PA and is proud Mamma to Brady, a vibrant, energetic and hysterical 3 1/2 year old.  Jessica works full time as a nutrition educator in Philadelphia.  Most of her free time is spent exploring the city with her little man, watching him learn about the world around him.  She also enjoys swimming, biking and running; participating in the sport of triathlon.  Between two jobs and keeping up with Brady, getting a healthy meal on the table every night has become an art, and Jessica enjoys every second of finding fun, new, wholesome meals to nourish her family!


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