I’m back!

I’m back!  After taking a few weeks hiatus, I am finally back here.  Between packing, then moving, then unpacking, my kitchen skills got dusty.  We were saying goodbye to friends, spending a few more meals out than normal, and had to reinvent the kitchen we are in now.  But I am here.  Alive and well as we finally get settled in.

I spent some time on Sunday doing a little kitchen cheating myself.  I roasted a whole chicken and shredded it to keep in the freezer, I also created our weekly menu for the next two weeks and a shopping list to go with it.  But one of my favorite accomplishments this past week was smoothie pops, and the popularity of them.

I ordered these: Pop Molds after seeing them on several sites, including 100 Days of Real Food and was so excited when they arrived on Saturday.

I whipped up a big batch of smoothie.  Greek yogurt, my favorite frozen berries from Trader Joe’s, frozen mango, Kale and just a bit of juice to thin it out.  Not only did Brady love it, but he’s amazed and in love with drinking it frozen out of the pop mold.

I also ordered these for lunch packing: Bento Boxes which make lunch packing easier for sure.  Yesterday for lunch Brady got carrots and zucchini sticks with a cheese wedge, two hard-boiled eggs and strawberries and blueberries mix with a dollop of yogurt and I did not have to try to squeeze three containers into the lunch box.

Finally, we’ve been using these: Honey Sticks which we just love.  Brady gets to use them as a treat, or I can grab one to take with me for tea.  It’s just the right size!




One thought on “I’m back!

  1. honey sticks are so nice…and so neat. no sticky honey jar and trail across the counter if you’re not careful enough.
    FYI: I had a problem opening any of your inbedded links… don’t know if its a problem with the computer of the link.

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