Snowed Out!

I am no weather bug.  I know what the weather is like at the moment it is occurring, not a second sooner.  I am always woefully unprepared…if it was rainy yesterday, I use an umbrella today–wait, correction–that would be true if I actually owned an umbrella.  Well you get the point.  But here we go again with all the ways life changes after baby…So Thursday arrives and I finally hear rumblings of a storm…my mind says “these things are always hyped up”, but then I tune in as the media attention (and Brad’s!) intensify…I am struck with the awful thought that I am scheduled to work Friday and Saturday! Oh no! Crisis! and more CRISIS! The height of the storm is slated to occur exactly when I would be traveling home from work Friday night and would continue through when I would be going back to work Saturday morning.  There went Thursday…spent preparing to be SNOWED OUT.  I run through the gamett of emotions…”this is going to be the most awful, terrible weekend”, I have never been away from Elsie this long, this is my first day shift since I came back from maternity leave and I don’t love days… to “this could be a fun mama’s night out”…I will be honest, I met Friday morning with much trepidation…not feeling particularly excited to be anywhere but my warm little cocoon of a house snuggled up with Brad and Elsie as the snow piled up.

On one hand it was the “most awful, terrible Friday”, but the weekend overall got better.  Friday was a stress bucket of a day.  I was in charge of the unit and without any upper management I had to make some quick decisions about staffing and there was so much pressure to expedite patient movement in and out of the unit as most employees were itching to get out of Dodge! It was crazed…my head was spinning for 12 LONG hours.  All but the essential employees were gone by 3pm as the roads were closing at 4 (they remained closed until 4pm the next day!)…I guess nurses are essential eh? In theory it is nice to be considered an “essential employee”, but in actuality it means we have to do things the rest of the world doesn’t…work nights, weekends, holidays, through hurricanes and blizzards, through whatever is happening we have to get to work, we have to find a way. So I got through it, because well, that is the commitment I made when I became a nurse.

For those of you who aren’t nurses I won’t bore you with the gritty details of my “most awful, terrible Friday”, but I will say it is the most difficult day I have encountered as charge nurse EVER.  Not to mention trying to fit in pumping and I had to venture out into the whiteout to start my car every couple of hours because I was having battery troubles.  BUT I did say it got better right?!

It did! Friday night after work was fun.  I stayed with Megan along with my friend, Katie, also a new mom…we went for drinks, gossiped nurse style, gushed over our adorable babes, and watched the snow….and boy did it snow!

Walking to work at 6am on Saturday morning with no cars on the road...

Walking to work at 6am on Saturday morning with no cars on the road…

Bikes were out of order as well (thanks Instagram for the photofinish).

Bikes were out of order as well (thanks Instagram for the photofinish).

But the plows had been working all night!

But the plows had been working all night!

Saturday was a better day…I was able to sneak in some FaceTime while Elsie was awake, and on the unit there was no patient movement out of the unit, and only one minimal trauma admission. All of us had gone through hell and high water (well high snow) to get to work but the attitude at work was one of camaraderie…of achievement for making it through and holding down the fort. As I left work I felt pretty damn good. Excuse my french, but well, it was a heck of a work weekend, a heck of a way to be welcomed back to the day shift, a heck of a way to be away from Elsie for the weekend for the first time…

And kudos to MassDOT–the roads were clear for me to get home Saturday night to peek at my sweet sleeping Elsie…

photoToday brought new adventures for Papa Brad who had been hunkered down with our girl for the last 2 days (they did great by the way…I think it is only hard for Mama…Elsie didn’t miss a beat without me!)…ahh the joys of snow removal–2 feet accumulation with 5 foot drifts!  While I snuggled down to sync up with my little bird after a weekend away, Brad did some serious manual labor…

DSC02599 copy

The old fashioned shovel.

DSC02604 copy

But thank god for the modern luxury of the snowblower!



So we made it through Nemo (who knew blizzards got named?) with a story to tell and a much awaited reunion to the sweet chaos of home life…And to mark this moment in our little family’s history, a photo op…

DSC02609 copy

Elsie and Papa…so sympatico after their “father/daughter weekend”

DSC02617 copy

Happy to be with my girl!

DSC02621 copy

Yup, I never got out of my PJs!


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