The Watchful Owl

Transitioning back to work after a dreamy maternity leave has been hard (to be expected, I am assured by all my working mom friends).  On the other hand, I realize how lucky I am that Brad and I can swing it without using any childcare…I work nights and he works from home (and travels some, but so far we have been able to organize our schedules). My working the overnight shift works really well for us.  Brad is home with Elsie while I work and then while I sleep the next day.  I feel like I am missing less since the majority of the time I am gone Elsie is sleeping, and then the next day Brad wakes me up to nurse.  I think I have gotten pumping at work down, and I am pumped (punny haha!) that I have been able to express more milk than she eats while I am gone, so I am building my freezer supply to boot.

Despite my spin on the positive, I do miss out.  Bedtime is something I really look forward to, and I miss being in that routine every night. Our routine consists of Gaelic Lullabies (i heart Pandora), tubby time, then a date with Granny Blanket and our two favorite books.  The ever classic “Goodnight Moon” and our new classic “A Book of Sleep” by Il Sung Na.


“A Book of Sleep” has a new meaning for me now that I miss 3 bedtimes a week.



It comforts me that I am the Watchful Owl those nights I am away…even if it means I have to be the Tired Owl too!


Happy to be home tonight…


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