Kitchen Challenges, Part 1 (of many)

I love food.  It’s why I do what I do.  To talk about food all day, you have to love it.  Although eating clean is a huge part of our lives, I enjoy a treat, too!  

That being said, I do have to watch what I eat.  I keep an eye(sort of) on my caloric intake, and I workout 5 days a week.  Jason however, has the opposite problem.  The calories just fall off of him.  Always.  So while I need to check myself sometimes, he is always looking for more.  Always.  

I refuse to be a short order cook, kind of like running errands on a Saturday.  I just won’t do it.  So the challenge; how can I get hime more calories in a meal without damaging what we eat?  So far, he just eats more.  Or adds bread.  Or sour cream, or dressing.  What do you do? And what are some of your menu planning challenges?  


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